New tax advocated by Economy Minister Paulo Guedes may affect transactions with cryptomoeda

Bitcoin Sticker in Goiania – GO calls for end of ‘New CPMF’NEWS
A cryptomaniac investor was surprised to find a sticker with the Bitcoin logo glued to a pole in Goiania – GO asking for the “New CPMF” not to be approved.

According to the user’s Facebook statement, the sticker was found “on a beautiful Sunday morning” in the Nova Suíça district in the Goiani capital. This is the first registration of a Bitcoin sticker that mentions the transaction tax that can be approved by the federal government.

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In this way, the adhesion came in the form of a protest against the new taxation advocated by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. As the Cointelegraph reported earlier, the levy of a new tax could even affect transactions with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Sticker
The Bitcoin sticker mentioning the “New CPMF” was found by the investor known as ‘Alt Jupiter’ from Goiânia – GO last Sunday (18), second publication in the Bitcoin Brasil group.

Thus, some users decided to comment on the Brazilian tax that can be created and that was mentioned next to Bitcoin in the sticker. The new tax advocated by Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes was still compared by investors with the tax charged on transactions involving cryptomycins.

Government confirms creation of ‘New CPMF’ and 0.2% tax may affect transactions with Bitcoin
Thus, for trader Oswaldo Silva, a “New CPMF” could “increase one more tax” in Brazil, which should reflect in the price of negotiations involving Bitcoin.

“The state will add the CPMF and increase one more tax”.

However, one user questions that those who invest in Bitcoin “will hurt less” a “New CPMF”. Thus, during the discussion about the tax, the user Mateus Guimarães states that the “CPMF is already present in Bitcoin”, as if the tax could be compared to the fees charged in transactions with cryptomeda.

“CMPF is a tax on the movement of ‘cash’. To move Bitcoin you always pay a fee as well. So the friend just reminded us not to be afraid. CPMF is already present in Bitcoin. In other words, for those who use BTC, the new tax will hurt less”.
Bitcoin sticker was found in Goiânia – GO (Reproduction/Facebook)

The creation of a new tax in Brazil is advocated by Economy Minister Paulo Guedes in what would be the country’s tax reform process. Thus, the intention of a “New CPMF” would be to ‘cover’ possible tax losses in a process of payroll relief for the employer.

Creating a new tax for Bitcoin and digital transactions divides opinions among tax brokers
However, the taxation of financial operations is still controversial and generates major debates on the “New CPMF” which has not yet been presented to the national congress.

According to the proposal, digital transactions involving money should be taxed at 0.2% with the “New CPMF”. Thus, the purchase and sale of Bitcoin involving banking transactions could also be affected.

Artistic intervention
The Bitcoin adhesive glued on a pole in Goiânia – GO was the first to mention the “New CPMF”, however, there are other adhesives with cryptomeda spread all over Brazil.

Thus, on Twitter there is an account called “Bitcoin Street Art” that collects images of Bitcoins stickers around the world, considered an artistic intervention involving cryptomoeda.
In a recent publication of the “Bitcoin Street Art” profile on social networks it is possible to see a Bitcoin sticker with the phrase “stop the spending”. In this case, the sticker was found glued on a pole in São Paulo – SP.

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