• ADA price has surged nearly 30% since the start of 2021.
• CIP 1694 and the MBO are expected to strengthen the Cardano community.
• Charles Hoskinson has boasted that additional gains are coming with upcoming improvements on the Cardano Network.

The past month has seen the Cardano price hovering around $0.25, but the native token of Cardano has recently fired up with a nearly 30% price surge since the start of the year. This surge has been attributed to several factors, such as the hype around Cardano’s upcoming stablecoin DJED launch and the news of Hoskinson’s new healthcare facility that would accept ADA as payment.

The beginning of the week has seen ADA open with almost a 10% increase in trading price, which has seen Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, swell with pride. Hoskinson took to Twitter to respond to comments about ADA’s skyrocketing price and he boasted that additional gains are coming with upcoming improvements on the Cardano Network. According to Hoskinson’s response tweet, the proposed CIP 1694 and the MBO will strengthen the Cardano community and the Voltaire upgrade would see millions of people collaborating for the growth and utility of ADA.

The CIP 1694 seeks to bring Cardano into the Voltaire Era and enable a smooth transition into a fully decentralized governance system. The Cardano improvement proposal (CIP) was proposed by Jared Corduan, a software engineering lead on Input Output Global, Cardano’s developer company, and it is set to be adopted and voted in November 2022.

The MBO (Multi-Blockchain Optimization) is another initiative that Cardano is aiming to implement. The initiative will enable users to work with multiple blockchains in the same environment, allowing for enhanced scalability and interoperability.

The recent positive developments in Cardano’s project have seen its price surge, and with further upcoming improvements, it is likely that its growth will continue. It is unclear what the future holds for Cardano, but with a dedicated team of developers and an engaged community, the project looks set to succeed.

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