• Hong Kong has become an attractive hub for crypto and Web3 interactions.
• Over 80 virtual asset companies are interested in establishing their business in the city.
• The government of Hong Kong is creating a licensing regime for virtual assets service providers by June 2023.

Hong Kong Crypto Sector Attracts Firms

Hong Kong, an administrative region of China, has gradually expanded its crypto industry to create a robust crypto environment and position it as a prominent hub for crypto and Web3 interactions. Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Christian Hui reports that over 80 virtual asset companies seek to establish their businesses in the city since October 2022.

Crypto Companies Interested in Understanding Virtual Asset Development Policy

Most crypto firms seeking a presence in the city are interested in understanding the Virtual Asset Development policy and the support measures for the crypto and Web3 sectors. They also want to understand the regulatory and visa requirements for talent admission.

Licensing Regime For Virtual Assets Service Providers In June 2023

The government of Hong Kong is moving to implement a licensing regime for virtual assets service providers by June 2023 to set up a comprehensive and transparent regulatory system for its crypto sector which could be more profitable for the city and attract more quality crypto companies to establish businesses there.

Financial Secretary Of Hong Kong Reports On Crypto Expansion

At Aspen Digital Web3 Investment Summit on March 20, Christian Hui, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong disclosed that attraction towards setting up business in the region had grown since October 2022 due to government’s efforts of creating right platform with its Virtual Asset Development Policy. He reported that about 23 firms expressed plans to launch their subsidiary businesses including blockchain infrastructure firms, blockchain network security companies, and virtual asset (VA) exchanges among others.


Through its Virtual Asset Development Policy and plans of implementing licensing regime from June 2023, Government of Hong Kong is aiming at creating a robust environment for cryptocurrency transactions which has attracted many quality firms towards expanding their business into regional areas thus increasing competition among them which may prove beneficial not only financially but technologically as well.

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