• Mattel has launched a new dedicated NFT marketplace powered by Rarible, Magic and Flow.
• This follows the launch of their ‘Mattel Creations’ platform late last year and their initial Hot Wheels serialized collection.
• The new marketplace will facilitate peer-to-peer trading and come in tandem with the Series 5 release of ‘Hot Wheels NFT Garage’.

Legacy Toymaker Mattel Ventures into NFT Space

Legacy toymaker Mattel hasn’t shied away from NFT engagement, having been one of the most active brands at large – and certainly the most active brand in their product category – to flex their muscles with Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). After some early wins, they have now launched a new dedicated NFT marketplace that is being powered by Rarible, Magic, and Flow.

Mattel’s Mission: What We’ve Seen So Far

The toy company was featured in one of our first pieces of ‘NFTs In A Nutshell’ content with the initial launch of its Hot Wheels serialized collection. Late last year, we covered the details surrounding the company’s launch of ‘Mattel Creations,’ which was their first take at an owned platform. It also signaled the brand’s shift from the WAX blockchain to it’s new partner, FLOW.

The New Virtual Collectibles Platform

Now Mattel is taking things to another level with this week’s announcement that they are opening up peer-to-peer trading on this new marketplace which is being powered by Rarible, Magic wallet-as-a-service provider, and Flow blockchain integration. Additionally, the release will come in tandem with the Series 5 release of ‘Hot Wheels NFT Garage’.

Benefits for All Stakeholders Involved

This latest announcement means big things for all stakeholders involved as it signals a real ‘double down’ on that initial launch made late last year. For example, not only does this mean major growth steps for both Mattel in terms of NFT space but also for Rarible who are testing out white label P2P marketplaces services while Magic is testing out their product at scale and Flow is adding another notch in its belt through providing blockchain integration services for such virtual collectibles platforms like those offered by Mattel.


Thus far it looks like there are many exciting developments happening within Legacy Toymaker Mattels venture into Non Fungible Tokens (NTF) space with more announcements expected soon regarding what else we can expect from them in this area as well as from other stakeholders involved such as Rarible & Magic etc..

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